Petal Bay

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Recent site of a Wall that the Cartogramancer is using to keep the islands nailed in place.

Petal Bay is the ancestral seat of House Nogi, a traditional rival of House Tokai.

Feng Shui Enhancements Plan

Lord Nogi has contracted with the House of Quiet Concordance to enact some enhancements to the feng shui of Petal Bay. Xiao Fa suspects that the idea came from the Cartogramancer, and is supposed to help further nail the Isle to its northern-ness, as well as be a poke at the party by making one of us help to do it.

Xiao Fa hopes that his masterwork plan of creating a feng shui for the Bay that is works both in the northern clime and a future southern clime will minimize the damage from this. Really, Xiao Fa is happy he was assigned to this project, as someone else may just nail things down in the status quo with no possibility for working in our favor later.

Xiao Fa currently has a 50 success plan that he is about to pitch to Lord Nogi for his approval.