Radish Spirit

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Also known as Lord Oshira Daikon. He is the spirit of the white radish, the most common variety of radish in the Empire. The white radish is a large conical tuber about a foot long and three inches in diameter at the top. It looks like a giant white carrot or icicle. It is often pickled. The greens are one of the eponymous honorees of the Festival of Seven Herbs.

On the rare occasions on which a white radish is found to have bifurcated, it is reserved for the Radish Spirit and made as an offering in a shrine to Lord Oshira. Such shrines are to be found inside the homes of every radish farmer.

The Radish Spirit himself usually appears as an enormous globular humanoid with a bifurcated radish head and radishes for fingers and toes. He wears a red upside-down soup bowl as a hat.

The Radish Spirit is often used as an example of how one ought to treasure and revere even the humblest of the elements of our lives. "Even the radish is worthy of veneration."