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Council Makeup and Authority

The Regency Council is the highest authority in the empire, charged with maintaining the empire until a new emperor takes the throne.

The council meets in the Hidden City and is made up of one representative of each of the twelve kingdoms. There are a couple of ex officio members of the council as well, although they technically do not have a vote, and are not referred to as "Regents".

How each kingdom chooses its regent is left up to the individual kingdoms. Some are appointed by their respective monarchs, some are shuffled on a regular basis.

Council Members

Currently known members of the council are:

Voting Representatives

  1. Ishii Makoto, Ti Wren's brother, is the regent from the Butterfly Kingdom. He was appointed shortly after Ti Wren's marriage.
  2. Qin Chao Steppes
  3. Roof of the World
  4. Shrouded Isle
  5. Iron Mountain
  6. Jade Taiga
  7. Forest of Chin
  8. Hon'eth Arcade
  9. Hidden City?
  10. Strand
  11. Savanna of Tears
  12. Illuminated Precincts

Ex Officio Members

  1. The Obsidian Warlord
  2. Mayor of the Hidden City