Sakong estate renovations

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Sakong Estate Renovation Plan

  • A "steering committee" of Master Tranh, Xiao Fa, Sun Peng, Elder Brother, Sakong Yue and myself work out the form and extent of renovations, basing it on the needs to stabilize the land and other aesthetics and taking into account her family's desires as well.
    • Yue will take charge of generating initial ideas for the renovations.
    • Xiao Fa is talking to Master Tranh to get him on board
  • I contact Sasaki and Yun Ling with the commitee's plan in hand and get them on board. Hopefully, it will have the interesting elements to get Sasaki interested and the prestige to get Yun Ling interested. If necessary, we do revisions.
  • Next, I get the stonemason recommended by Sun Peng to start work, since the physical labor will take the longest time.
  • Sun Peng will do the advanced stonework as his favor once the base stonework is done.
  • At some point in the future, once I get the necessary funds and the stonework is done, Sasaki and Yun Ling are called in to do their part.

Background Information

House Sakong has a long and reputable history as a minor noble house; they have never been one of the Great Houses of the Precincts, but neither have they made unwise allies that have earned them enemies. Their fading has been a slow one, in part because of the battle against the shifting river. The Precincts Houses are not like the Arcade houses, where each one specializes in a particular economic product; their farms produce quality linen and unexceptional rice, and their house library is better than many. They have never had a peasant uprising, which is not really *that* exceptional for the Precincts, but is a point of dignified pride with them.