Secret Swords

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A junior Tong in training in the town of Tranquil Endurance. The were originally called the Dark Blades, but were unable to afford Katanas for all of their members. When Yoshi found out they were robbing the locals to pay for their Katana problem, he arranged to finance their buy of stolen Dragon Army weapons from a dealer connected with the Shadow. Though the transaction went off, the plan of following the dealer failed when Reiko got to him first and horribly tortured him to death.

They changed their name to the Secret Swords so they wouldn't have to show their stolen weapons all the time. Yoshi also taught them Aikido, an unarmed martial art based on the movements of a swordsman, providing another interpretation for the "Secret Swords" name.

Their leader is an older teen known as Johnny Tong. Given the vast debt owed from the weapons buy, he's probably willing to take direction/orders from Yoshi for a time (which Spider-Tainted Yoshi was enthusiastic about).

Yoshi convinced the Secret Swords that, to be successful, they had to provide something of value to the town, rather than trying to bleed it dry. To this end, they recently took on a group of bandits, and were indulged by some of the town elders with "tribute" for the protection they offer. They seem enthusiastic about taking out the bad-guy Tongs. (A number of their Tong shticks require a rival Tong, which for now is The Bandits)