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Cost: 27
Cost: 27
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Known Shtick Sources]]
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category:Known Shtick Sources]][[Category:Sorcerers]]

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A water sorceror in the Hidden City. In Creation of Horse, the party used his water gates to Cedar Haven in the Qin Chao Steppes (home to his daughter Mei), Flowering Resolution in the Jade Taiga, and to the vicinity of the Three Pagodas in Iron Mountain. He has taught Kuan-Xi a lot of water sorcery.

He also helped to create the gate used during Rescue to rescue Yang Shen-Ji from the World Below.

His name has been written alternately as Shingao and Shen Gao, leading to some confusion.


Level 1 shticks:

Fog: 1/run, summon up a fog to cover the immediate area. All attacks are limited by perception rolls. Freq 2, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Create Spring: 1/book, create a spring of clean water. Freq 1, Power 4. (Major, Taught) Cost: 4

Create Ice Cubes: 1/scene Make enough ice cubes for several cold drinks. Freq 3, Power 1. (Major, Taught) Cost: 3

Splash: 1/run, spend a chi to split a water sorcery die pool unlimited ways. Freq 1, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Current: 1/run, double the speed of a boat/ship you are on. Freq 2, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Douse Flames: 1/book, douse all flames in the area around me. (Explosion area effect). Freq 1, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 6

Level 2 shticks:

Scrying Pool: From a pool of water, scry a distant location you have been to. Freq 2, Power 5. (Major, Taught) Cost: 10

Sense Magic: I can sense nearby magic items and effects. Freq 4, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

Minor Ritual Power: +1 die to any roll made during a magical ritual. Freq 5, Power 2. (Major, Taught) Cost: 10

Water Movement: 1/Action Spend a Chi to ignore water hexes when calculating your move. Freq 4, Power 3. (Major, Taught) Cost: 12

Level 3 shticks:

Puddle Gate: 1/turn, I can transport myself to a nearby area of water within line of sight. Freq 4, Power 4. (Major, Taught) Cost: 16

Wave Power: 1/turn, I can add knockback to my attack, at 1 hex per success. Freq 4, Power 4. (Major, Taught) Cost: 16

Permanent Gate: 1/run, you may perform the Ritual of the Permanent Water Gate, and it automatically succeeds. (Note the ritual must be performed at each end.). Freq 2, Power 9. (Major, Taught) Cost: 18

Level 4 shticks:

Rust Blades: Metal blades which attack me rust and lose multipliers. Freq 6, Power 4. (Major, Taught) Cost: 24

Water Attack: 1/turn, I can pummel someone with a waterspout, for yang successes $\times 5$. Freq 4, Power 6. (Major, Taught) Cost: 24

Level 5 shticks:

Metal Immunity: Spend 1 Yin to be immune to all metal blades, 1/turn. Freq 3, Power 9. (Major, Taught) Cost: 27