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Level 1 shticks:

  • Honorable: 1/scene, +3 dice to resisting dishonorable temptation (such as seduction attempts from married women). Freq 3, Power 2.
  • No Need for More Bloodshed: 1/run when rolled other stat for speed, punt to Social conciliatory action without spending additional phase. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Power of Conviction: 1/run, after surviving meaningful attack/combat, double dice for persuading. Freq 1, Power 6.
  • Sincerity: +3 dice to Persuasion for things that I sincerely believe. However, I am always at +2 difficulty to convince someone of something I do not believe. Freq 5, Power 1.
  • Soft Passing: If someone is dying, I can allow their passing to be painless and with peace. Freq 5, Power 1.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Great Parry: I can parry an attack aimed at someone beside me (it still uses my own action/dice). Freq 6, Power 2.
  • Healing Chi: 1/turn, make a Yin roll and heal a target of 3N normal damage (no range). Freq 4, Power 3.
  • Protect: Once per combat, I can move up to double my move to jump in front of an attack aimed at someone else. Freq 3, Power 4.
  • Why Do You Do This?: 1/turn, Sense Motivation. Freq 4, Power 3.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Last Chance: 1/action, if my hit takes someone from conscious to down and dying, I can give them the choice to not be down (I hit them with the flat of the blade and did no damage), but surrender instead. Freq 5, Power 3.
  • Let's Talk About This: I can give an enemy an action which is only usable for Social. Freq 5, Power 3.
  • Parry Arrows: I can parry arrows and other physical ranged attacks, 1/action. Freq 5, Power 3.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Charge!: When I charge the enemy, everyone on my team who also does so gets +3 dice to their first attack while doing so. (1/turn). Freq 4, Power 6.
  • Surrender: If I surrender, my foes cannot continue to attack me, but nor may I attack them. This lasts until the combat ends. Freq 3, Power 8.

Level 5 shticks:

  • Grand Parry: An extra parry die pool. Freq 5, Power 5.