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The Si Fan is an independent spy organization, run for many years by Fu Manchu. During Noodles of Fu Manchu the organization was left to Precious Jade, Fu Manchu's daughter. Her brothers, Fu Li and Fu Sen, are still in the organization. As part of Fu Manchu's will, Inspector Ando was awarded the distinction of being the Great and Honored Enemy of the Si Fan.

Li Merit has discussed shticks with them, and they are willing to trade the following:

Precious Jade, Courtesan Spy

  • Deep Understanding: Examine the character sheet of anyone you seduce. (power 2)
  • Admirer of the Week: I can acquire an admirer who is helpful or informative. (power 5)

Fu Sen, Merchant Spy

  • Determine Price: Determine what you would have to offer someone (in money, or favors, or something else) in order to get them to take a specific action. (power 4)
  • Intuition: Here are five true facts, and a related question. I can deduce where to investigate for the answer to the question. (power 2)

Fu Li, Bureaucrat Spy

No shticks have been discussed yet; he would need a particularly favorable deal.