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You buy skills with SP. Each rank of a skill allows you to add to an appropriate die when generating successes (See Dice Rolling.) Skill cost different numbers of SP per rank depending upon their overall utility. Numerous skills are listed below under Skill Costs, but you are free to name your own. (GMs will determine costs.) A good skill has a simple one or two word name that easily encapsulates when it applies.


Skill v. Skills

In some cases, more than one skill will be applicable to a roll, in which case you may be able to add both. The general rule of thumb is that if you're doing two things at once, you'll need to make two rolls, but if you're only doing one thing which falls into two categories, you can add both skills to one roll.

For example, if you're trying to talk someone into helping you politically, "Persuasion" and "Politics" may both be added to your roll. If you're trying to eavesdrop while hiding under a table, you have to make your "Listening" and "Stealth" rolls separately.

Notes for previous players

  • Oath-like: you can add multiple skills if they all apply.
  • Comet-like: Roll for 9s if you have no skill.

"Inherent" skills

You may designate up to 5 skills to be an Inherent skill for you, that you may roll for 7s with no skill. You may do so after being asked to make a roll, but once you have chosen an inherent skill, you cannot unchoose it. You may spend points on inherent skills at any time (even during a run you are in, while rolling dice, etc.), without a montage.

Skill Costs

See the table at: Skill Costs