Southern Gods

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Centralizing some information on the Southern Gods. See also Southern Gods Lecture.

There are three great gods, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. There are a pantheon of smaller gods, including:

  • Kubera, the god of trade.
  • Krishna, god of lust, pipes, and other things?
  • Kali, the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction. Bad bad bad guy.
  • Yama, the god of Death and Artifice
  • Ratri, the Goddess of Night. Served by Iala Mane.
  • Mahasamatma, god of light? aka Sam, aka Kalkin. Tends to be allied with the party.
  • Maitreya, the Binder of Demons
  • Ganesha, the Lord of Revolution
  • Agni, the Lord of Flames
  • Durga, the Goddess of Battle
  • Natiri, an exiled? god. Tends to be mercenary. Makes golems of men, or something akin to that.

Runs with further information about Southern Gods: