Spirit Garden

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A garden under construction that Shen-Ji is working on, in the back gardens of Tahiti.


  • A lingzhi mushroom that has grown in the cleft of a boulder in the Forest of Chin, for half a cycle.
  • Planted a Blue Gingko Seed (A silver-blue seed, in a hard shell surrounded by a paperlike outer pod, obtained from Nest.
  • Planted some Gotkotha (ghost celery) fruits, scavenged from the Jade Chef competition.
  • Planted a flowering citron bush (1/run, you may cut a lucky flower from the bush and present it to a stranger, and make your next Charisma roll against them at double dice) obtained from Merit.

In progress:

  • Heading to Craneslake Heights to look for ancient pines
  • Other ideas include potent poppies (Speedy does find these potentially interesting)