Spirit of Snow

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While there are surely many snow spirits, there is one grand enough to be considered the Snow Spirit.

One popular legend has it that long ago, the Warlord of House Zhen in the Forest of Chin was on a grand hunting expedition that had killed more animals than any other hunting expedition ever had, yet the Warlord was not satisfied, and continued to hunt. A very elderly deer in desperation appealed to a giant forest tengu, who advised the deer to recruit as many animals as possible to plead with the Spirit of Snow to bring a snowstorm so fierce that no man no matter how determined could continue a hunt.

The deer did this thing and soon most of the remaining animals in the forest pledged their lives and service to the Spirit of Snow if only they would be hunt no more. Snow agreed and winter came early, at least in the Forest of Chin. The hunt ground to a halt, but the Warlord wished to not give up so easily. He promised a golden tael to any man who could bring down one last game animal and so end the hunt with honor. But Snow was too fierce and no man could hunt.

Then, did Ming Lieren raise her bow and shoot true through the snow and the winds and pierce the heart of a proud stag, for she was no man, and Snow alone could not stop her. She went to the Warlord to claim her prize, but he rebuffed her, for she was no man, and he did not pay rewards to women.

Thus did the stag die, and the free the animals of the forest from their bondage to the Snow, and thus did the great hunt end. But to this day, Snow will try to lure hunters to their doom, the greatest of them, most of all.