Swordsman's Wand

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Goal: a wand which grants +2 successes in sword attack, once per run. (Frequency 2, Power 3: total power 6).

Imbalance: Control Metal

Invoking the Tao

  1. Two swordsmen engage in a practice bout with each other. One must obtain 6 successes rolling Accuracy with Sword skill. The other must obtain 6 successes rolling Dexterity with Sword skill.
  2. While they spar, the invoker must obtain a Yang roll with 6 successes using Magical Ritual and then a Yin roll for the same.
  3. Once that is done, the sparring partners bow to each other and go to either side of the ritual area.

Invoking the Elements

  1. A person with survival or forestry or such searches the immediate neighborhood for a branch or stick that will be suitable for the wand. This person needs 6 successes in an appropriate finding skill to get a suitable candidate wand (Seeking, Wood).
  2. A woodworker must carve the branch or stick into a suitable form for a ritual wand (Transformation, Wood) with 6 success of Woodworking. The wand itself must be in the form of a miniature sword when completed.
  3. A stonecutter/mason/sculptor forms a stone pot (Creation, Earth) and needs 6 successes in an appropriate skill. [The pot can be carved or assembled.]
  4. A person with survival or dowsing must find a clear source of clean water with 6 successes in survival (Seeking, Water)
  5. A set of wooden practice swords is set up to form a structure that will support the pot; the stone pot is filled with the water and the sword structure is set on fire; the setup of the wooden swords must be constructed with 6 successes of Firestarting/Survival/Sculpture (Creation, Fire)
  6. A person must add tea leaves and put the wand into the pot; he/she must use Cooking/Tea Ceremonies skill (6 successes) to make tea, steeping the wand in the tea and stirring it with a sword from the first sparring partner. (Transformation Water) [Note that I am NOT invoking control of fire here; the cook must let the fire run as it will and use cooking skill to compensate. This may cause a difficulty increase.]
  7. Once the tea is ready, The ritual leader must use the sword from the second sparring partner to extract the wand from the tea; he then holds it over the pot. Then, the two sparring partners from the start of the ritual must simultaneously strike the pot together with their swords, achieving 6 successes between the two of them, which will break it and cause the water to extinguish the fire (Destruction of Earth and Destruction of Fire). (Any additional Transformation of Water discovered in experimentation could be compensated for in Step 4.)

2 instances each of Wood, Water, Earth and Fire and 2 instances each of Seeking, Transformation, Creation and Destruction, although they're not completely homogenized (seeking and transformation are both on wood/water and creation/destruction are both earth/fire).


The holder of the wand channels the useful energy into it and soaks the excess energy.