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Spirit Stat Name Noun of the World Bonus Power Possessor
Great Talisman of the Bear Resistance  ???  ???  ??? Quan Lo
Great Talisman of the Dog Resolve  ???  ???  ??? Gou
Great Talisman of the Crane Grace Yaoyanu Elegance Wearer cannot be found by people looking for them Party
Great Talisman of the Tiger Accuracy Gongjolinu Force Not for Amateurs for personal combat King of the Plains of Honor
Great Talisman of the Tortoise Int  ???  ???  ??? Autumn Rose?
Great Talisman of the Monkey Dex Xiangshounu Enjoyment Cannot be restrained Party
Great Talisman of the Butterfly Status Fenghuangnu Importance  ??? Party
Great Talisman of the Phoenix Health Shenmiweiyanu Majesty Healed by fire; almost impossible to kill when standing in a raging fire Song of the Phoenix
Great Talisman of the Serpent Strength Aningnu Tranquility A 3-strength grab is unbreakable and can be maintained at Chi range Lost to Spider / Maku
Great Talisman of the Fox Charisma  ??? Appeal Cannot be attacked in physical combat until defeated in social combat. Pearl of the Taiga
Great Talisman of the Spider Wits  ???  ???  ??? Not scryable ??? Ti Jun?
Great Talisman of the Magpie Energy Baozangnu Treasure Pays 20% less, and earns 20% more, when engaging in actual monetary transactions Party
Great Talisman of the Dragon n/a Zhuquandenu Sovereign Allows the wearer to buy all concept shticks as if they were in major concept, regardless of Aspect Kar Fai
Talisman of the Horse n/a Requingnu Zeal Allows the wearer to move anywhere on the battlemap in drift Pho?
Talisman of the Whale n/a  ???  ??? Allows the wearer to breathe water and act normally underwater Renyu? or Kiri
Talisman of the Wolf n/a  ???  ???  ??? Ni Cheng?] }