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Uncle Takanata, my friends here said the blockade ships would have beat up the Butterfly Kingdom if the king were dead and not protecting it with his winds anymore. Is that true? I thought they were just trying to keep other boats from going to the Butterfly Kingdom, but I guess if they have that many boats why can't they just take over? And is it really true that it's harder to carry things on the day of the butterfly? --Lijuan 14:25, 28 June 2009 (EDT)

Da-Xie said that she took over the job of wall-guardian from "another me," but that Shen Wei Han, by contrast, was always the guardian ("I've just always done it, and the me before me did it before." . . . ."You mean you've been different yous, over time, but Wei Han has always been the same him?" "Yes, just like that!".) She also seems to me (meaning no offense) rather less like a real person than Shen-san. --Hana

Well her wall isn't being taken care of very well so maybe that's why she's not as much as Shen-san. --Lijuan 17:31, 8 September 2009 (EDT)

Runs the Memory Master/Information Hider might have messed with things in:

  • Boot to the Head (memory loss mooks)
  • Ship of Gold (Prince's blocked foretelling)
  • Eternal Dream (shadows keeping the dream message from getting to people)
  • Butterfly Monarch ("we won't remember that" vision)

What about the battle over your poem? Or did you think a different Marked was responsible there? --Hana

Possible... but I'm inclined to think that was the Geomancer trying to find us, and a third party hiding us, rather than the Information Hider hiding us.

Ah, OK -- I was thinking maybe the Information Hider trying to interfere with the generation of the poem.

It's possible - there are weird causal loops in that run that I don't understand. But I think not.

Things to change names:

  • The Coil
  • The Throne
  • The Burnt Spire
  • Kar Fai's Pagoda
  • The Forest Wind

?? Do we have guesses for the Arcade or the Precincts?

How can there be both a Great Talisman of the Dragon and a Great Talisman of the Spider? Is the fact that the Dragon talisman is outside the Empire relevant? --HeidiB 19:41, 13 June 2010 (EDT)