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"Several PCs (+2 Chi, +1 Inf, +1 Mil at House creation time. Note that the head of the house does not contribute to stats, so had it been Cai Wen, I think the +1 Inf would have turned into +1 Res.) " -- OK, I'm confused by the last bit. I thought from things that were written about the mechanic previously that you got influence points by having PCs with reputation shticks. Yanyu has a reputation shtick, and Cai Wen has something that is equivalent to a reputation shtick. The +1 Inf can't all be Cai Wen, especially since we have 5 PCs other than Merit in the house but only +4 worth of stats from them. It's clearly not a 1:1 thing, but you seem to be inferring that. Elizabeth (talk) 14:32, 5 January 2015 (EST)