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I think this was actually run a little differently:

Mike said it was Int or Status to generate number-of-slips during telephone pictionary. You could get 1 point for someone guessing your think partially-correctly. You got 1 point if you "saved" someone else's page that had been wrong and brought it back to the correct answer.

All passes were gaining +1 point to the favor and to the passer, regardless of whether the favor was for someone on the passers team, but you couldn't pass *to* someone on your team, you had to find someone else.

I don't think we knew about the "discard it" option, but it might have been there.

There was a "if you get handed a second favor when you have one, you get a bonus action to try to get rid of one" rule.

I don't think we knew the "ending with a favor hoses you" rule, though it might have been true. I don't think we knew the "you can't give a favor to someone with no actions left" rule, though it might have been true.