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So in order, that appears to be:

  • 1) The Alchemist, not very interesting
  • 2) The Cartogramancer, which we kinda knew about, but not the death of the hand part
  • 3) Tai Lung, exciting but hopefully not major-plot-relevant?
  • 4) The Warlord's Assault on the South Starting
  • 5) Stupid Li the Stupid Wanderer - in the land of secrets, no less!
  • 6&7) Lucky Chang - hopefully unable to get any traction, because his plan was super-defeated by the Immortal Prince? - Tom, do you have a plan for the Pagoda? Now Min Feng's an Advisor to Lord Yu, can we work something to protect the Pagoda through her?
  • 8) The Bureaucrat - do we think that "Hidden City" is still in the running, or is there a different Seventh Thought we're missing?
  • 9) The Prince - and the cavalry appears to have been co-opted for part of the Warlord's plan. (That might have been what Stupid Li the Stupid Wanderer was about, too?)
  • 1. The mildly interesting things about the Alchemist are that he's recovered enough to be attending to details and that he did return the Tengs rather than just not bother. He obviously didn't do it to be nice, so it's probably part of a scheme.
  • 2. What does the Cartogramancer have to do with this letter?
  • 4. Why is the Warlord attacking the South when the North is a much bigger threat to the Empire?
  • 5. Yeah. That may have been unwise of him. Remember how the Queen could pull forgotten knowledge (about how to reverse Quivering Palm) from Master Zhou's hidden memories?
  • 6&7. Lucky Chang has never had a problem before with switching to an entirely new plan; I wouldn't expect him to falter until he's dead, and he'll probably find a way to squirm out of that, too.
  • 8. "Hidden City" may not be in the running, but it could still be the first thought, the one that precedes the other six? Also, Horse/Whale/Wolf/Wombat need to obtain modifications in each of the kingdoms, yes? So are some of the proposed names sponsored by Very Large Spirits?
  • 9. Yeah, sounds like Seahorse Team Six is go. (And I doubt it; it's not in Li's idiom, and you go to a Whispered Ball to obtain secrets, not to prep for an invasion)