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One of the advantages of ranged attacks: low movement matters a lot less. --Ringrose 15:53, 20 February 2009 (EST)

You might want to consider un-dumping your previous background/personality even though you've changed professions, because it had a lot of merit. I thought the mostly-reformed spoiled brat/bully made for a more interesting character, than troublesome younger sibling. I grant that the being in a monastery doesn't fit well, but she could easily have gone on to bully peasants with her archery abilities after being kicked out perhaps working for some kind of local warlord, until Yoshi reformed her. This opens up a wide variety of plot hooks (the family ones you originally mentioned, plus people seeking vengeance, and leaves open the possibility of returning to take out that warlord down the line). Currently your plots hooks basically all boil down to "I follow this other PC around," rather than being the outside world tugging on her to do things. Also, given the size of the campaign as a whole versus the individual runs, you're likely to not be in runs with Yoshi more than half the time, so having your character's entire identity be Yoshi's sidekick, may leave you feeling a little adrift when he's not there. --Kate 11:19, 23 February 2009 (EST)

Good point. The dump was to prevent my and Eon's characters from being too similar. Possibly Lijuan is a petty thief and runaway that Yoshi is trying to reform, not a sister. But then where did she run away *from*? Why is she such a good archer? I'm looking forward to the party party, during which we can hash some of this out at higher bandwidth. --Heidi

Archery as a sport is often deemed acceptable for female nobility to learn, so that's not a crazy thing to have picked up initially in her family situation, and refined during days of thuggery. (Though as far as power level goes, remember that we are really pretty low level to start with, so no point angsting excessively about how she became good.) I suspect that merely dropping the monastic membership and the quest for redemption would make your character seem pretty distinct from Eon. (Perhaps he will weigh in on that.) I thought your old background said something about having "not quite" learned humility, which could certainly encompass not longer being a bully/thug, but not at humble about her abilities and/or bloodline. For whatever reason, the "thrown out by her family" seems more in genre to me than ran away.
I do, in fact, feel that dropping the monastic membership and the quest for redemption make your character feel more distinct. I don't even have a problem with your quest for redemption should the character at some point in game decide that being redeemed is what she needs to do. --Eon

You may find the following schtick info relevant from questions I recently asked of the GM's:

A schtick that is "-X difficulty, but only to reduce penalties" would be -1 power I assume. (For Heidi's concept, stuff to reduce range penalties is likely appropriate).

Would something like "-X difficulty, but only to reduce a specific penalty" potentially merit -2, if it were specific enough? For example, my assumption would be that range penalties wouldn't be specific enough for range weapons since those are common, but something like cover might be. [GM answer was that this was fine.] -Derrick

Thanks! --HB

Assuming you can get source and concept 1, we're allowed at most a level 2 and two level 2 schticks. So you'll spend up to 12 points on the level 2, and 6 each on the level 1 (any more and they'd be higher level). That's 24 points in schticks.

Since you have 54 points "to spend on schticks", I suggest putting 30 more points into stats. You'll usually be using body for speed - that's half of (the minimum of accuracy, dexterity, and energy) round up. Right now, you're speed 3. Your next speed bump happens when they're all 7. If it were my character, I'd bump them to 6 to facilitate future speed increases, and then see what other stats support the character concept. --Shen Wei Han 14:03, 2 March 2009 (EST)

Yup, I'm perfectly comfortable buying stats with my leftover points. I'm inclined to buy up to 7 energy then see if I have any to spare; I'm just waiting to finalize the schticks.
Comments on the schticks would be most welcome. Are the costs correct? Is there something else I should have? Should I increase the power and decrease the frequency of "fetch"? Is "fetch" the right trick to start with? (Apparently I can have the dog all the time with a frequency of "only useful once per run".) -- Heidi
""Are the costs correct?"" - I would have assumed that shticks with a Bow didn't take the +1 Power penalty for range, but maybe they do - the Sample Power table implies you're doing it right, now I go check.
Bow attacks are definitely at range, so yes, it does need the +1 power. (They don't require the "new attack form" power). --Boojum 18:52, 2 March 2009 (EST)
broader comment - You might want to think about putting some limitations on the frequency so you can use them more often or make them more powerful - For instance you could potentially make -1 difficulty "Point Blank shot, -1 difficulty on bow shots within 10 hexes" and use it every action, instead of every turn. (I don't know if that's enough of a limitation to drop the frequency, but it feels about right.)
If the limitation affects what you can do, that's power. If it affects how often you can do it, that's frequency. "Only within 10 hexes" seems like it will definitely limit which targets you can hit (power) more than whether or not there *is* a target you can hit (frequency). --Boojum 18:52, 2 March 2009 (EST)
Well, if it drops the power to 2, you should totally take that and up the frequency to 6.  :-) It shouldn't actually drop the power to 2, though, because that's the same as the power if it wasn't ranged at all (oops, good point. -Laura). So maybe it's not enough of a limitation to help.
At this point in time, putting a limitation on it to get more frequency isn't that important because you're only going to have 2-3 actions per turn (27% chance of two actions, 73% chance of 3 with 3 dice) anyway and unlike Oath where you'll likely get 6+ dice to roll for phases, we've been told things will scale, so # of dice and actions will again drop later on, meaning that schticks that are once/turn won't be obsoleted quite as fast. -Derrick

Notes to self: Remember to buy Outdoorsman, and talk to the GM's about what the heir to Sung did to aggravate Zhen. (An insult, perhaps?)