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I'd note that while we can find schtick sources in mini-runs we might not be able to buy anything until we get back to that location-- I find it somewhat likely that we all get bamfed back together after the mini-runs, rather than spending weeks to months travelling back to the Butterfly Kingdom, or otherwise trying to find each other...
--Justom 14:10, 17 December 2009 (EST)

Note to Charles: Takanata is definitely welcome at the Marvelous Party (especially given that we are all small, and our best chance at getting into an actual Marvelous Party is to crash on Takanata's coattails). --Fearless 16:28, 17 December 2009 (EST)

I'd love to have Yanyu involved in an actual minirun if at all possible, perhaps with Li Merit and Min Feng since that seems most plausible. A few hours on a weeknight is highly doable for me, with the caveat that I will have to have Dear Leader with me. Saturdays are also doable with the same caveat. Sundays and Tuesdays nights when Auria runs are the only things generally not available. Elizabeth Still pretty darn open, and Auria may not run much given expected player absences. If it's easier on Kate & Drew we can use the downstairs apartment at my place, which includes a pack & play with changing table, infant toys, bouncy seat, and enough room for Dear Leader to run around in. Or I can easily do La Mancha or their place. Elizabeth 15:24, 11 January 2010 (EST)