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I assume "extra" income is a schtick.

  • Yes. When the run starts, people can start with appropriate amounts of money on hand (generally a fraction of what your yearly income up until now would have been). People who it's in concept to be rich-ish might get a shtick in "always counts as 'in gold'", or might have a shtick in extra income.

What's a realistic income and money for a peasant?

  • An actual peasant doesn't have much money at all.

A noble?

  • There are certainly some noble houses who have fallen on hard times, but "rich" would be 20+ tael / year (modern income $200,000+)

And, being one, what is an appropriate income and money for an infantry soldier?

  • 200 li / year (modern income $20,000) plus room and board. That would likely mean you'd start the game with a handful of li. (See below for discussion of general income and expenses.)

What's the expected expense for a night at a low end inn, assuming common room accommodations?

  • 20 zhu. More in a city.

Private room?

  • 60 zhu. More in a city.

A Zhu may be a dollar, but I don't have a sense of how much those cost in this culture.

  • Well, the "dollar" rule of thumb is to compare with a modern US dollar, not an Ancient Chinese dollar. Obviously, you can't buy cars, or take airplane rides, and the US doesn't have peasants, but "cheap food", "cheap lodging", "expensive meal", "minimum wage", that sort of thing, are about the same. It's just a rule of thumb the GMs use for pricing things.

What are the rules for lifestyle maintenance expenses - things which you end up paying for on a week to week basis because of the way you live? --Shen Wei Han 15:08, 6 March 2009 (EST)

  • Mostly, you don't track "maintenance" expenses (unless someone especially wanted a plot hook of "addicted to expensive opium"). Your regular expenses are taken care of by your regular income, both of which are ignored. It's assumed that in game time, normal expenses and normal income balance and go away. We're only interested in tracking out of pocket expenses and unexpected income - i.e. your carrying around money. --Boojum 16:23, 6 March 2009 (EST)