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Looks like "The Three Kingdoms" is a translation of something? Can you recommend a title/author I can search on in the Minuteman online library listings?

I guess it's officially called "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", though the books from Cael just use the shorter title. It's by Luo Guanzhong.

This page says you mostly can't buy up frequency of a chtick once you have it; in passing elsewhere it says "since we're allowing you to buy up frequency..." but I can't find anywhere that actually states the allowability of increasing schtick frequency. Are there restrictions (other than "don't break your pyramid by doing so")? --Andrea:

Frequency is the thing that you can usually buy up; power you usually can't. "Don't break your pyramid" is the important thing, though we would want to sanity check the new version. (For example, buying a Wealth shtick from "+3 li per run" to "+3 li per action" is not likely to be permitted) --Boojum 16:01, 27 July 2009 (EDT)

Tao, Ch'i, Tao, Ch'i

"This also affects throwing your Tao dice onto a roll." I thought that we used the substats for the fortune rolls, not the big one. Xian 19:28, 11 December 2009 (EST)

Yeah, for "Tao dice" I meant "Dice in the Tao stat, that being Yang dice, Yin dice, and Chi dice", but I was lazy. :) --Boojum 12:06, 12 December 2009 (EST)

Tao, Fortune, Shticks

Does spending my Yin/Yang/Chi with a shtick decrease my Tao stat? (Including my speed roll, if I'm rolling Tao?)
Yes. "Spending" effectively lowers the sub-stat temporarily, which can reduce the main stat. This also affects throwing your Tao dice onto a roll.

Testing my understanding with an example: Xian walks into a bar. In the bar are an invisible potato and an invisible bucket. Xian spends one Yin to see the potato and one Yin to see the bucket.

Then the bartender offers Xian an Orangina in exchange for Xian reading the bartender's I Ching. Xian has a base 8 for Yang, Yin, and Chi, but has used two Yin, so is rolling six dice for the I Ching reading. That's not enough, so Xian adds four Yin-Fortune dice.

After the I Ching reading, a bureaucrat walks in to the bar carrying an invisible plow and an invisible pencil. Xian spends two more Yin seeing them.

Now, a dentist jumps out from inside a barrel and attacks Xian. Xian, hoping to convince the dentist that the Orangina is actually a silver umbrella, rolls Tao for Speed.

  • What is Xian's Tao for purposes of rolling Speed?
  • How many Yin does Xian have left for noticing invisible kettles?
  • How many Yin-Fortune dice does Xian have left?
  • If Xian next reads the dentist's I Ching, how many Yin dice get rolled for the Yin-based skill check?

Xian 19:23, 5 March 2011 (UTC)

The answer to "How many Yin-fortune does Xian have left" is two. We suspect that that's the actual question, while the rest is camouflage, and we leave the subtraction problems to you. :) --Boojum 21:56, 13 March 2011 (UTC)

Shtick Levels

Is there a maximum Shtick Level? The mechanics page says that the level of a shtick is (power * frequency)/6 round up. This would lead me to believe that the maximum cost for an in-concept taught level 5 shtick is 30 points and anything above that would have to be a level 6 shtick, not that there are any examples of such things on the shtick sources, but I see that one or two people are listing level 5 shticks that they are interested in buying that cost more than 30 points. Is there such a thing as a level 6 shtick, or is everything with a power*frequency>24 defined as a level 5 shtick.

There's one level 6 shtick listed in the Second Book of the I Ching, and they certainly exist. There is in theory no maximum shtick level, though it does get crazy expensive to build out a high-level tree. ("x12 damage on all my punches" would be a level 12 shtick, but we don't expect anyone to get it...). Note, though, that if a shtick isn't in major concept for someone, or is self-taught, it could be lower level but still cost more than 30 points, because of the additional multipliers. (The only >30 point level 5 I spotted is Touched by Winter V, and I think that's just a mistake; it should be 6*5). --Boojum 01:40, 17 March 2011 (UTC)