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Some Omen Interpreting:

> >> 1) Is the man in moonlight with the sword the Son of the Moon? (Or
> >> any other NPC we know?)
> 3 successes

The Son of the Moon.

> >> 2) Is the man in the golden palace south of the wall?
> 2 successes


I would have thought this guy is clearly Ho Tan Mi, and thus must be in the empire. At I guess I'd say he's probably in or near the Shrouded Isle. Am I missing something? Elizabeth (talk) 10:17, 15 August 2014 (EDT)

> >> 3) What was the spiderweb that broke on the Isle of Beauty?
> 5 successes

The spider web represents Spider. But this is the wrong question. It's not a scene symbolic of real actions, it's a conversation.

> >> 4) Is the shining city in the heart of the land the city of spires, or
> >> dragon's throne?
> 3 successes

The Dragon's Throne.