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Trying to fill in some of the blanks. Additions are in ALL CAPS:

The alchemists dO not travel much at all; Merchant Chou travels, but not during the winter, and DURING the fall was elsewhere.

Of the seventy-four non-locals who visited Qiqing for longer than a FEW DAYS IN THE fall or the winter, none with the same name and description apPEARED TO ALSO VISIT Ebao. However, one horse of very similar description, a black --------------------- with a white hind right fetlock, was confirmed to have visiTED EACH VILLAGE, LEADING To suspicion that the horse's rider was the same man. The horsE'S RIDER WAS NAMED Li Chen in Qiqing, and was described as a Taiga native perhaps tWENTY SUMMERS OLD, OF middling height and scant build, with a pleasant voice, short-croPPED HAIR, AND A THIn moustache. The horse's rider was named Wong Sen in Ebao, descrIBED AS A PRECINCTs native perhaps forty-five summers old, of middling height and stocKY BUILD, WITH A Pleasant voice, and greying hair in a queue. Both men made very favORABLE IMPRESSIONS on the innkeepers they stayed with.

Li Chen was particularly noted to speak witH-------------------gs during Late Magpie. However, it is Goji who has increased his spe---------------------y have required both of them to create the tincture.

Wong Sen was not observed to speaK WITH CHOU SEN-GOU But he spent three days in Ebao during Early Crane, after which, CHOU SEN-GOU DEPARTED for the Butterfly Kingdom. The whereabouts of Wong Sen/Li CHEN ---------------Between the months of Magpie and Crane are not known, nor are HIS PRESENT WHEREabouts.