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GMs (or someone wiki-clueful): how do I make a page with access restricted to me, Marleigh & the GMs?

You can't. They've encouraged people in that situation to make a google document, link it from the page, and share it with the appropriate people. --Ringrose 01:19, 23 February 2009 (EST)

Since I may not be able to make the character-generation party, I'm trolling for suggestions from those who are more clueful than I about a) the genre and b) building mechanically useful characters...

1) Creative suggestions for useful courtesan/geisha-type skills? (You'll note many of the things I've come up with so far are nigh-useless :) )

  Martial Attack: Hair-sticks
  Sense Motive
  Tea Ceremony/Flower Arranging/Calligraphy
  Feminine Wiles (much like Puppy-Dog-Eyes, only different flavor)


Some ideas from Derrick:

 Distract (Ignore the suspicious sounds outside!)
 Combat Distract (Flash(ing) attack! :-)
 Extract information (this is sort of covered by Conversation)

Hey Andrea! Some suggestions from the party thing:

We're not actually heir to the Tokai lands. We're heir to a (dutchy? county? something?) in the Forest of Chin. Our mother's a Tokai, but our father is from a medium sized but fairly prestigious holdings in the Forest. Note that if we go with this plan, we need a new last name. Charles suggested this as being more convenient for plot (we're fleeing dad's family for mom's family in some sense) and party unity (if we're heirs shirking our duties to Tokai, it's harder for the other Tokai's to overlook than if we're shirking our duties to some other family.) Laura also pointed out that if we're too high up, sending you off to be a geisha becomes illogical, since there's no political gain from it. Hana would just be married off instead. Instead, if the place we were from in the Forest of Chin is fairly rural, and Hana was found to have aptitude for urban high society skills, she might have been sent off to the Hon'eth Arcade for polishing/fostering. That also puts them closer to the Butterfly Kingdom, for when they have to flee there.

Heidi is travelling around with Chris, so our pre-game radiation accident mini-run should probably include us, Chris, Heidi, and Charles.

Also, Drew wants to have met all characters pre-game, even if briefly. We talked about the following: His circus comes to our town. Hana and Hiro dress up as street urchin twin boys to go watch the set up. Drew takes pity on the "orphans" and gives us the behind the scenes tour of the circus. Thinking we're homeless, he offers to let us stay with the circus. Slightly chagrined at having accidentally taken advantage of his charity, we politely decline. The circus later performs for the court, at which point Drew notices the twins as being neither urchins nor both boys. He has a private aha moment, but otherwise doesn't follow up on it.

--I'm down with all that.

(Need to work on exactly what the geisha/geisha-training paradigm is; I keep thinking of it as being more like the political marriage/eventually marry above one's current station track (since with only one son and one daughter, Hana's parents ought to want to marry her off ultimately). But Marleigh talks about it more like a profession/career path. I imagine that geisha is a legitimate career path, but Hana's certainly not going to have been destined to work in a hifalutin' brothel; if courts have geisha-on-staff (like they might have with musicians or artists or the like), I could see that being what Hana was sent to apprentice as, but it seems unlikely as the ultimate Goal. I'd think what her parents would imagine is either wife to someone somewhat higher up the power ladder, or maybe concubine to someone higher still.)

Lijuan (Heidi) is originally from the Forest of Chin; she'll want to know how you're related to the house she was raised in and the house she ran away from. (Are the twins on the run from some sort of intrigue or just off to see the world?) -- Heidi

Ooo, is stuff about the house Lijuan was raised in on line somewhere? We could have plot! Also, the twins are on the run, though less so from their parents and more so from the pre-game badness we'll learn about in the mini-run. -Marleigh

Just that it was brought down by what a 13-year-old perceived as political Foul Treachery. If you're interested in making stuff up about the house Lijuan was raised in, feel free to help out! -- Heidi