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Note: We do need to firm up the story about how we rescued Hana, in case someone asks.

Hana/Andrea suggests (this is mostly like what we briefly postulated during the run):

  • Some of the party (not including "Hiro," who stayed in the city in case of further developments) went back to the circus for reinforcements.
  • Anto has some ability to find people in need of help, and was able to use this to track Hana and her kidnappers.
  • The party was able to catch/sneak up to the kidnappers and engage them in combat, somewhere on a featureless plain (or the closest thing to it within a day or two from here).
  • The party sufficiently outnumbered the "ninja" that the "ninja" elected to flee, abandoning Hana to the party.
  • The party was not able to obtain any loot or further clues, and Hana told a story that matched the Dragon Guard's, but contains no further information -- perhaps the easiest explanation is that Niyo and Hana were both drugged in the capturing process, which is close to matching Niyo's experience of events, and gives Hana an excuse not to have seen anything.
  • One open question: do we try to account for the fact that Niyo was drugged before the ninja appeared? (We could in fact go for "the ninja came from behind the screen and the tea was drugged," which is true and shifts suspicion from Hana as far as setting up Niyo goes -- on the other hand, we don't want to accidentally implicate the innkeeper, or get into too much detail about the ninja's presumed actions.)
Can we just say "the people spying on Hana must of found out she'd reserved the room and the ninja snuck in and drugged the tea"? If we explain it then maybe nobody will think about it anymore. --Lijuan 13:09, 1 December 2009 (EST)
Risks making them think about it more, perhaps, especially as Hana was pretending not to have reserved the room (and in fact, didn't reserve it herself). *shrug* --Andrea/Hana
  • Another open question (possibly a personal one): do we try to account for Hana having gone off with Niyo in the first place? Simplest is probably for all involved to do the "stonewalling on embarrassing personal details" thing and offer no further explanation than the one that's already vaguely been offered.
  • Hana also suggests that if the logistics can be arranged so that she and Hiro are not so easily findable for debriefing after all this is resolved, while we're waiting for the circus to pass through, this will all be easier. (E.g. if "Hana" stays with the circus, and ideally "Hiro" goes to join her though that latter might be harder to pull off, and better to stay in the city than risk dragging guards to the circus.) But she's willing to be interrogated if dodging it looks too much like dodging it. :)