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Just a note: If your chi blast doesn't do at least x3 damage, I suspect that you'll really feel outclassed eventually. I realize that makes it power 6, which means at least a level 4 schtick to make it a once/turn attack, but since that aspect is not upgradeable, you really need it to be as high as you can afford. Besides power 6 is a nice breakpoint on the power scale as everything revolves around multiples of 6.


Thanks. I think that particular formulation is just a starting point, but noted. -Eon

How about these schtick ideas:

  • Bow Before Your Master!
  • Tremble Before Me!
  • I Find Your Lack of Faith ... Disturbing


Hey! I think you want me to buy shticks that are...BAD! --Xiao-Fa 03:46, 25 May 2011 (UTC)
No, no, no, they're MISUNDERSTOOD... -Derrick

Now these are just some friendly suggestions from a friend who wants to look out for you, but I think you really should consider the following:

  • Bow Down Before Me!: Target(s) much acknowledge you as the rightful Emperor of the Dragon Empire and cannot act against you while in your presence.
  • Now, Only At The End, Do You Understand: Purple Chi lightning.
  • Silence, Fool!: Target(s) cannot speak for sqrt(Chi successes) actions.
  • Kiss My Frozen Imperial Butt Cheek: Target(s) must spend their next sqrt(Status successes) actions groveling in an appropriate manner
  • We Live for the One! We Die for the One!: If you are attacked, one of your minions will leap in front of the attack and yell "We live for the One!" while absorbing it. If they die from the attack, they expire while saying "We die for the One..."

Plus, there is the ritual/working of "Channeling the Chi of the Empire Into My Pants", which grants you +(Chi successes) of successes in any maneuver involving the Imperial Consort(s) or Imperial Concubine(s).

Just think about it.... :)