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Just a note: If your chi blast doesn't do at least x3 damage, I suspect that you'll really feel outclassed eventually. I realize that makes it power 6, which means at least a level 4 schtick to make it a once/turn attack, but since that aspect is not upgradeable, you really need it to be as high as you can afford. Besides power 6 is a nice breakpoint on the power scale as everything revolves around multiples of 6.


Thanks. I think that particular formulation is just a starting point, but noted. -Eon

How about these schtick ideas:

  • Bow Before Your Master!
  • Tremble Before Me!
  • I Find Your Lack of Faith ... Disturbing


Hey! I think you want me to buy shticks that are...BAD! --Xiao-Fa 03:46, 25 May 2011 (UTC)
No, no, no, they're MISUNDERSTOOD... -Derrick