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Perfect Flower: If I spend an hour putting myself in perfect geisha costume, I am at double Charisma for my next attempt at charming someone. (1/scene, but extra time). (Not Phoenix). Freq 2, Power 6.

Does "Not Phoenix" mean that you're at normal Charisma for charming Phoenices, or that Phoenices can't learn this shtick, or that it doesn't work in Phoenix, Arizona?

The precise wording "at double Charisma" rather than "double my Charisma dice" seems to suggest that this could stack with other Charisma bonuses without running afoul of the double-stat dice cap. I.e., if I have a Charisma of 3, Perfect Flower, and Stupid Drunk, then Perfect Flower can double my Charisma to 6 and then Stupid Drunk can give +3 for a total of nine dice. Was this intentional?

I think I'll call it Perfectly Stupid Drunk Flower. Xian 16:27, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

The double-my-stat cap trumps everything else (including both shticks and fortune dice), unless you spend karma. You could have a charisma of 3, buy a hundred shticks in "+1 die to my Charisma for biting people", but you still don't get to roll more than 6 dice to bite someone unless you spend karma. --Boojum 20:50, 15 February 2011 (UTC)