Tanzhe Plain Homework

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Three Seasons

A Problem
Men Lindo complains that she is being harassed by wandering monks.
(By which she means that the monks have been encouraging her to be a nicer person, and it hasn't been working.) Xiao Fa asks them to stop.
A Question
The mayor of Three Seasons engages you in conversation. He believes in the doctrine that leadership must embody virtue, so what virtues do you place highest?
Xiao Fa favors Compassion, Service, and Courage. The mayor favors Fairness and Consistency, and Sense before Courage. They discuss it.

Instantiatable NPCs

  • Men Lindo
  • The Three Seasons Mayor


  • Two points (Three Seasons)

Tanzhe Reputation points can be spent anywhere in the Tanzhe but count as double in their source location. They are about the size of a karma point, can only be spent in justifiable ways, and do not yet stack above spending three at once.