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The GMs don't always have a good sense of what plots the party as a whole wants to be pursuing. So if there's a plot you want to do in a run (steal the Tortoise talisman, change the name of the Roof of the World, whatever), list it below, and put your name beside it. If someone else has listed a plot you are in favor of, put your name beside it. Feel free to list as many as you like, but if it's a plot nobody has poked at yet, you probably also want to put some effort into figuring out how to start.

Things with a Plan

Change the name of the Roof of the World: Xiao Fa, Master Zhou, Wei Han, Cai Wen, Lijuan, Kasumi, Shen-Ji, Deng (or other countries), Kuan Xi, Yanyu (huh? where? back on this plan now that I believe it's a place again) done : Update on new plan: Kar Fai got the Steward and Lord Hawk onboard. Xiao Fa needs to figure out how big the Spirit of the Lake is, and then the party can spend a run on getting the Spirit of the Lake onboard. Done

Hunt the Ice Wyrm: Takanata, Lijuan, Shen-Ji, Wei Han (provided we find a flame weapon so he's useful) Done

Tag the Illuminated Precincts for Dragon: Shen-Ji

  • The Council has approved a Dragon Boat festival as part of the latest Conclave. Next, we'll have to execute it. Time: TBD.

Things with a partial Plan

Destroy No-Face Ko: Shen-Ji

  • Shen-Ji is making long term preparations and research into how to permanently destroy the demon No-Face Ko. Some parts of this plan are in progress, others are only ideas at the moment.

Things without a Plan yet

Get Takanata back: Lijuan Done

Deal with Bobby Li, the Excellent Urchin: Lijuan

Find out who the new Marked is (there's going to be a replacement, right?): Lijuan

Clean up aftermath of Night of Gates: Lijuan

Stop the Alchemist from pointing the chi of the Empire at Spider again: Xiao Fa, Wei Han, Lijuan

Figure out where we want the chi of the Empire pointed and point it there: Lijuan

Get the Great Talisman of the Phoenix from the Song of the Phoenix, who said they would give it to us after Dragon was freed, which he now is.: Xiao Fa, Yanyu

Steal the Talisman-Tracking-Map from the ninjas (may not be in Hidden City): Takanata, Master Zhou, Xiao Fa done

Stealing the Tortoise Talisman: Xiao Fa, Shen-Ji, Cai Wen, Deng, Min Feng

Does the party still want to do this?

Thwart the Great Khan: Lijuan, Xiao Fa, Shen-Ji, Cai Wen, Xian, Wei Han

Cross the wall and wreak havoc in Northern territories: Wei Han, Shen-Ji, Kasumi

  • I believe that this is OBE given the current situation (Shen-Ji)

Learn more about each of the current cycle spirits (and candidates), especially their interactions with Spider. This would be a preamble to deciding if any were to be replaced by Horse. Lijuan, Xiao Fa (I think Takanata did a big chunk of this already), Deng

If there's a particular cycle spirit that you want to know more about, it's worth separating that out as a plot. "Learn more about everything" is a little too broad. :)
Crane!: Lijuan

Get "Min Feng's" Star Metal: Shen-Ji, Takanata

This plot is unlikely to be instantiated if Min Feng is not on board

Rename the Shrouded Isle: Kuan Xi, Yanyu, Xiao Fa

Swap the Islands back: Kuan Xi, Yanyu, Takanata, Xiao Fa Done.

And rescue Da Xie from utter boredom: Lijuan
And rescue what's-her-name, the hero in the north: Lijuan

Get a more detailed plan on putting Dragon back in the Cycle: Yanyu, Lijuan

Collect favors from the rulers of all the countries since this is apparently needed: Yanyu

Reconcile Whale and Dragon: Lijuan, Xiao Fa is on board for 'find out if Whale helped Coyote get in, turned a blind eye, or something else'

Ask Crane's permission to replace Renyu as Whale's minion: Lijuan

Meddle in the succession of the Empire: Lijuan Changed my mind.

Meddle in Forest of Chin politics: Lijuan

Go back to the Jade District: Xiao Fa (wants to visit the Palace of the Nine Dragons) Done.

Get into the records of the Iron Fortress to find out which collapsed mine is likely to have been where the originals Keepers of the Hoard kept one of the Keys: Xiao Fa

Rename the Qin Chao Steppes and mega un-spider it. Bonus points for dragon and wolf tags: Yanyu

Fix the Peace of the Lake: Yanyu

Bonus points for adding a dragon tag as part of this