Three Stars of Great Fortune

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In astrology, the Three Stars of Great Fortune are the Fu Shen star, the star of happiness, the Lu Hsing star, the star of prosperity, and the Shou Xing star, the star of longevity.

The Fu Shen star is actually a wandering star that spends a year in each of the twelve Great Celestial Gatherings that correspond to the twelve Great Spirits. In folklore tales of people who fall asleep for many years, often when they awaken the first sign that they have been asleep for very long is that the Fu Shen is in a different constellation than when they fell asleep. The astrological influence of the Fu Shen is the greatest during childhood and early adulthood.

The Lu Hsing, or Dog Star, is exactly at the north celestial pole and as such is as steadfast and reliable as the Great Dog Spirit, hence the name "Dog Star". It is only easily seen from the northern half of the Empire. Its astrological influence is greatest during mid to late adulthood.

The Shou Xing, or Ancient Star, is directly south. Its influence is greatest in the final third of life. It is an F-type supergiant and a strong source of radio waves and X-ray radiation emitted from its magnetically heated corona (temperature around 20 million degrees Kelvin), and likely to end its life as a rare oxygen-neon-magnesium white dwarf.