Ti Lao

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Lord of the Butterfly Kingdom, Ti Lao is known to oversee his kingdom with a light touch. Preferring to not interfere if avoidable, the Butterfly King acts only seldomly and tends to move through his advisors.

This is not to say he is disconnected or unaware of the concerns of his subjects, merely that his philosophy is to step back, take in the overall picture, and then make the smallest move possible needed to fix it.

As an overall policy, Ti Lao tends to use the Strait of Silent Winds to its fullest extent. He prefers to keep the Butterfly kingdom as removed from entanglements with the other kingdoms as possible. The difficulty of navigating the strait makes it easier to monitor the comings and goings of visitors to his kingdom, and his careful courtesy and precise speech makes insults to other monarchs unlikely.

His advisors tend to be loyal and dedicated. His wife, Ti Wren, is a beauty of worldwide renown. His son, Ti Jun, seems adept at anything he puts his mind to.

He is careful in his duties to Empire, consistently paying the required taxes early, and providing the necessary levies when required. As the Butterfly kingdom has no Imperial highway, and the king provides no resistance to enforcing Imperial policy, there is no permanent garrison of the Dragon Army in the Kingdom.