Ting Ting

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Ting Ting goes about Iron Mountain in a grey robe. Underneath, she is dressed in red with a golden sash, with a very long braid and a very large sword.

Ting Ting, uncloaked

She knows Sharpened Scale kung fu; her aspect is weird but is “currently” Tiger. She has shticks of level 3/4/5 while being second level. She is probably one of the Silver Dragons, though she is too young to have trained under Kar Fai.

According to Takanata's chat with her, she is often in the courtyard of Lord Yu's palace, late at night, mocking Lord Yu and his folly. She can only be driven forth, not prevented from returning.

She has some sort of shtick in "Fight with honor and grace and you will not be defeated", though the details are unclear.

As of the puttering after Touched by the Dragon, Xiao Fa thinks that Ting Ting has somehow stolen the chi of the Red Senshi chamber, to keep it safe. It is playing havoc with her own chi, however.