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At approximately 65 (although he looks more like he's in his early 50's), Tokai Takanata is believed to be the oldest surviving member of House Tokai. Takanata was the fourth child in his generation, and a late and somewhat surprising arrival. His three siblings, Hiakana, Toranata, and Kiyasa, ranged from 23 to 18 years older than him, and were well established in their paths by the time he arrived. Hiakana took over as head of house shortly (a year or two) after Takanata's birth, and Takanata was in many ways raised more as a sibling of Hiakana's own children than as their uncle.

On coming of age, Takanata spent several years, from age 21 to 25 or so, outside of the Butterfly Kingdom. When he returned, he had composed a book of poetry, Air, Water, and Rain, which is widely regarded as extraordinary. He returned to the Tokai lands, and acted as an assistant to his brother for many years, while continuing to compose poetry, as well as dabbling in other arts. Although this further work is acceptable, it is generally not regarded as as visionary as his first book. Beginning at the age of about 40, he was invited to be a judge of the Court of Distinction, and began traveling to the capital to do so. Over time, he spent longer and longer at the Court, until now he effectively lives there full time, acting as his brother's (now his nephew Wanakaru's) representative and an adviser to the King. He has undertaken a study of the I Ching in his later years, and his artwork using that as an inspiration is considered to have improved over the work he did from his late twenties through early forties. Wanakaru and Takanata are friendly, but not close friends, as Wanakaru's Tiger aspect leads him in different directions than Takanata's Butterfly.

He has recently begun using the I Ching to examine facts about the world around us, as well as prophecies about party members and others. The I Ching also provides advice on various plans.