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Toro is a demon, the Darkness That Comes At The End, brother of Aku and the Shadow. It is trying to bring about the end of the world. Brother of Aku and Giichi.

Signs of Toro, from Full House:

My researches indicate that the most important concept to understand about the potential ascendancy of Toro is not that Toro acts to create the end – it is that there are some omens which speak of the end, and Toro is central to many of those omens. If the omens are true, then the ending is unavoidable, and it will be Toro who brings the end. And, since nothing is eternal, even the sun and the earth, then perhaps that ending is unavoidable – but “unavoidable” and “occurring soon” need not be the same thing.

The nature of prophecy is such that any list of omens may not be complete, and such arts are closer to yours than mine, in any event. However, some omens which are likely to be True Omens of the Darkness at the End:

  • A river dry of water, and a lake of dark water where no lake should be
  • A ferocious rampage by a Great Spirit, wreaking havoc and carnage among innocent and guilty alike [Attempted on Night of Gates N.]
  • A town or a keep where the dead walk and the living do not, keeping a terrible beast prisoned within
  • A great massacre among men, with death as swift and silent as the falling of night [Completed by the Obsidian Warlord in a battle against the North.]
  • A hole in the world through which the stars fall [Attempted at least once.]
  • A rebellion arising in the World Below, to place the World Below above the World Above [Completed.]

There is one more omen which is said to be written in darkness upon darkness – the idiom is used here to mean that it is unreadable, and in some sense cannot be read until after all is in darkness.