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My character's name is Xiān

Plurality of proverbs, parables, and poetry

South shafts North ruts

Li Ji of Meiqing

Although the Jasmine River is three thousand li long, one only imbibes one vessel worth of water from it.

Notch a boat to seek a sword

Excessive hiring of ou performers

A good bird chooses the tree upon which to perch, the talented subject chooses the lord that he shall serve.

If this is the time you have wine, then this is the time to get drunk

Shadows of the willows, came gleaming blossoms and another hamlet

Weimiao passed the night at Chengshi. At the break of day the doorkeeper inquired of him, "Where do you come from?" Weimiao replied, "I come from the community of Mr. Lu Lei." The doorkeeper responded, "Is he not the one who acknowledges the futility but does it anyhow?"

Intently imitating the Ruoyeh manner of gait

A frog at the bottom of a well has not the language to describe the sea. The frog is imprisoned in abstraction.

Arbitrarily filling out marriage contracts

The far ends of paradise are like the adjacent house

Wei Ku asked "How did Gu The Erudite come to be entitled The Erudite?" Master Lu Lei said, "He was intelligent and loved to learn, he was not embarrassed to ask his underlings if he did not know something. This is why he was entitled The Erudite."

Going directly through the passageway

Keeping Ya-Zeyu in a golden domicile

The mountain is drawn with two straight lines. But the path up the mountain is a curve.

Time flows down the mountain, making puddles at the foot. Nature has no straight lines.

When the lips perish, the teeth become frigid

A man from Weirenyu purchasing shoes

Men admire Sun Xiyang and Mei Ze, at the sight of whom fishes plunge deep down in the water, birds soar high in the air, and deer hurry away. Yet who shall say which is the correct standard of beauty? This is what is meant by "Fish dive, birds swoop".

To fish like Ze

One bit of mouse shit corrupted the entire batch of rice juk.

Having trouble taking streams seriously