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The Wall

The primary defense of the Empire, the Wall guards the borders both north and south. Said to have been constructed by the Dragon himself, the stone of the Wall seems as resistant to aging as was its master, though over the years assault after assault have taken their toll.

Northern wall

Beyond the northern wall, the bleakness of the eternal winter breaks the minds of those who live there, driving them to unspeakable barbarism. Recently, it has been whispered in dark taverns nearest the wall, that even the barbarians of the far north are nothing to fear, for far greater powers are stirring in the blasted winterlands, and shadows of death walk in the night...

Southern wall

While the northern wall is carefully patrolled by the Dragon Army and the Warlord of Qin Chao, the southern wall is in many places overgrown. The Dragon Army says it never allows vegetation to actually cross the wall, and provide a means of entry to the twelve kingdoms, but those hearty enough to survive the land of the Strand and tell about it say that there are many places where the wall can not even be seen through the thick overgrowth. Few are concerned, as such dense vegetation serves equally well as a defense against the tainted chi masters and their spirit slaves in the lands beyond the southern wall.