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(Other Kinds of Sorcerers)
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* [[Eternal Redoubt]] - eternal braid
* [[Eternal Redoubt]] - eternal braid
*[[Stoneback Cho]]
*[[Stoneback Cho]]
*Huan Ken - of the Winter Academy
*[[Lady Suzuki]]
*[[Lady Suzuki]]

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A list, for Kuan-Xi's benefit.

  • Shen Gao - The municipal sorcerer in the Dragon's Throne
  • Aoki Tadako - Weather sorcerer, super Shrouded Isle patriot, not fond of Dragon Army
  • Ni Junxian - Eternal Braid
  • Yun Ling - master water sorcerer who works for the Port of the City of Light, can make bubbles to protect things from water damage
  • Okura Yosai - The Firelord's guy
  • Great Wave Tseng - City of Light
  • Ho Kuan-Xi

Other Kinds of Sorcerers




  • Hsu Verity - eternal braid
  • Yang Shen-Ji - also a fire sorcerer
  • Ezokin - moneymancy


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