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This ritual is from Yun Ling.

A ritual for protecting items made of plant matter from water-damage if submerged:

The basics:

Set up in a darkened room with a black silk cloth over the window(s). Invoke the Yang by taking the cloths down and letting light shine on the target item. (Dex roll, Yang+Magic Ritual). Invoke the Yin by carefully folding the black cloth around the item again. (Dex + Origami, Yin + Magic Ritual).

Light a small coal fire, and let it burn until it is just ash and soot. (Dex or Int with any sort of fire-building skill). While it is still warm, take a spoonful of the ash and sprinkle it across the silk, making sure to only sprinkle where the item *isn't*, not where it is (Per roll).

Take two corners of the silk and snap the silk out, letting the ash/soot fly free, as well as the item, in one quick snap (Yang). The soot will get in your eyes, and be pesky for a little while (Yang soak) The Yin will be absorbed into the item, protecting it from waterlogging.

Everything requires 6 successes.