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Principally a place of training and learning, rather than a place of beauty, the decorating style of the White Pagoda is quite minimal - things have spare, clean lines, nothing is *ugly* in any way, but it's the aesthetic of someone who has higher priorities than art. The gardens are somewhat more extensive than at the Green Pagoda, and are suited for Activity (perhaps sparring, perhaps running...).

The White Pagoda was the place of Master Zhou, before he was lost. For a time, only one monk tended it, named Yanzi.

For a time, Master Zhou contracted with the monks of the Steadfast Heart Sect to defend the Pagoda in his absence, so that Yanzi could continue her training. They agreed, with the caveat that if they held it for a year and a day, they would consider it theirs, and it would have to be won back from them. Not long before the year had elapsed, Master Zhou returned to reclaim the Pagoda. The monks, with some of the younger monks grumbling. As discovered in Reattunement, those monks were ambushed and killed by Tai Lung, who along with Spider framed Master Zhou for the deaths.


Yanzi, a Tiger, is now a Master in her own right, and Master Zhou's right hand. She is a teacher for the other students in the Pagoda, and runs the day-to-day operations.

Current students at the Pagoda include:

  • Dhang Kuriko, a female Phoenix, the new Wu-Xing
  • Po, a male Monkey, the 'Panda Warrior'
  • Chu Ox-Head, a male Bear: imperturbable, strong, with a gift for simplification.
  • Sei Di, a male Tiger: Respected, Skilled, Straight-talking
  • Pao Heizhi, a male Dog: Brave, Loyal, Orphaned
  • Mai O-nee, a female Tortoise: Clever, Hard-working, Stubborn
  • Wei Li, a male Dog: Lucky, Kind, Overlooked
  • Shen Lu, a female Crane: Sharp, Far-seeing
  • Kim Haerry, a female Serpent: Silent, Precise
  • Ji Ro, a male Monkey (Ji Nei's older brother): Curious, creative.
  • Ji Nei, a female Fox (Ji Ro's younger sister): Confident, Gregarious.

Sei Di has become an unofficial leader of the newer students, having gained their respect through both his skill as a fighter and his ability to tell things as he sees them without being offensive.

Pao Heizhi, Mai O-nee, and Wei Li tend to act as a unit outside of training, and it is said that they sneak off to go on adventures when their training allows.

It is believed that Kim Haerry can speak, but many of the other students have never heard her do so. It is rumored that she she spoke a single word to Master Zhou at the end of her combat trial, and that word helped her gain admittance to the White Pagoda.

Ji Ro travelled from the Foxwoods to join the White Pagoda, leaving his several-years-younger sister Nei at home with their parents. He didn't know that she had been secretly watching him train, and followed in his footsteps not long after...

Po is spending a month or so training in the Green Pagoda, after D is for Dissension, to cleanse him of the pseudo-cryptomantic effect that landed upon him there.

Other people who are sometimes around the Pagoda, and are welcomed as guests but are not pursuing formal study: