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Also known as Intriguing Truths.


During Cave of Wonders

  • Yuwen Fire-Eye was actually only pretending to be happy for Shen-Ji.

A follow-up Connections II reading indicated that Yuwen Fire-Eye perceives her relationship with Shen-Ji to be a burgeoning rivalry, both professional and personal.


Shen-Ji is unaware of anything that would explain Fire-Eye's growing antagonism toward him; as far as he knows their interactions have been friendly and mutually beneficial.

One reason she may have been annoyed is that Shen-ji cashed a favor and asked her to talk to the Dragon Army, and soon thereafter she was conscripted into the Army, which wanted fire sorcerors for brush-burning along the Wall. I don't know the precise timing, e.g. had she been conscripted, but not yet sent into the field, as of Cave of Wonders? When I found out about that, after Rule of Threes, I owed a favor to Commander Sun in exchange for discharging her. --Cai Wen

During Bear for Sale

  • Huang Qinshu is the only regent who believes that his job is actually that of Regent, as opposed to "one twelfth of an Emperor".


The Bear Regent is likely to swear undying fealty to Lijuan at the drop of a hat.

During Silence is Crimson

Xian is withholding this for now.


During Rule of Threes

Xian is withholding this for now.


During Full House

House Siew/Foon is actually two houses, with potentially different alliances or assets, but they only have one turn between them.


During Cabbage Soup

Shuyan and Min Feng's "interesting data" mechanic is a Cryptomancer mechanic --- provide enough semi-related data to the mechanic and out comes some words, such as a name. (Provide false data and you may get a false name.)


Precious Jade is interested in the recent appearance of an Imperial Consort. Potentially she would prefer that she be the Imperial Consort? It is possible that data fed back to Precious Jade will be used by the Cryptomancer to deduce the identity of the Imperial Consort, which could be dangerous for her.

During March 28 run

  • I am the prism!


I am the prism!