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Being a place for background information about Xiao Fa, as well as older information it's not so useful to have to look at every time I go to his page.



While he's not chatty about the specifics about his past, he's moderately willing to say that he walks the Selfless Path to make amends for his wrongs. At the beginning of the run he had been studying the ways of balancing and enhancing Tao with Master Kwan in the Butterfly Kingdom for about a year(?). He studied healing arts with the Meihua Sannong order of the Selfless Path at the Roof of the World.

He's also quite loyal to his friends and willing to do the bidding of the servants of the Selfless Path and/or Master Kwan.

Here is a story he has told to a few people in the party:

"It is unfortunately the case that the empire is filled with many hardships, especially for those of mean birth. Please understand that it is not offered as an excuse. We are the choices we make, but when your life is constrained by poverty, sometimes it is hard to see when good choices are available to one, for the bad choices crowd the eyes.

"There were once two brothers, who, due to circumstance, necessity, and hard choices, grew up to be unpleasant thugs in the Hon'eth Arcade. Sometimes things were good as such lives are measured, sometimes not so good. One grew to some prominence and importance, but the other was often restless and unhappy. Eventually, they moved westward.

"Eventually, one of the brothers performed a heinous act: killed someone during a robbery. For this, we believe he spent some time in prison in the City of Spires. We do not know how he came to be free, but scared and disgusted with what and who he had become, he turned his eyes and his steps to the nearby mountains.

"He was taken in by the brothers of the Meihua Sannong sect, where he set his feet on the path to righteousness, and he met Master Tenzin, head of that sect.

"Master Tenzin, we believe, had an idea for a Great Work, to alter someone's Chi, and thereby alter him, to Sever him from his Aspect, and perhaps other attributes, and make of them a new person, worthy to be touched by a Great Spirit, nearly lost. The Dragon.

"The Master gathered those of skill and who he could trust, and performed a ritual, that, like a gardener creating a bonsai, pruned carefully the Chi of the subject, removing the unwanted aspect and memories, to make room for a new person to grow in his place. And since he was disgusted with who he was, the participant went willingly into the change, hoping for a new life.

"In doing so, he turned his back on his old life, and his one brother, who would never forgive him, or forget him.

"He went to Iron Mountain, and met several people who became very important to him. Perhaps what was to be the First Severing happened there. Sadly, a great tragedy befell his friends there. How our subject escaped is not clear, but he made it back to the Monks of the Meihua Sannong eventually. Sadly, the losses at the time so unseated him from his resolve, that it became necessary to re-do the Severing, this time going deeper and farther back, in order to make sure that he would stay the path in the future.

"And now he is here, on Iron Mountain again, perhaps ready to prepare himself to...be what Master Tenzin had hoped, the Great Work that he had prepared for."

Fears Faced

  • That I abandoned my brother
  • The reason I got severed
  • My aspect
You are at +3 to the "Fearless" skill for anything having to do with those particular fears (essentially Strong Will against fear-type effects or fear-slanted persuasion)


Subject to change as histories get firmed up.

  • Wu Shuyan (Adina): We've met in the past year or so to talk about our different healing traditions. Pilgrim Xiao is fascinated, if disturbed, by Shuyan's snake healing Tao.
  • Li Merit (Andrew Grant): Xiao Fa and Merit's paths have crossed several times. They swap tales of the road and trade medicinal supplies. Xiao Fa almost never comes out ahead in these trades, but seems satisfied with them, nonetheless.
  • Anto (Andrew Twyman): Anto's teacher Master Koji has assigned him to follow Pilgrim Xiao around (perhaps in the hope that he will learn some humility). Xiao Fa is not convinced that he's worthy of such a responsibility, but since Koji insisted, he intends to do what he can to temper Anto's combative nature.
  • Deng Zhi-Hao (Brian): Xiao Fa and Zhi-Hao met in a small town near the Savanna of Tears, where, Seven Samurai-like, Zhi-Hao helped defend it against some bandits, with a few other stalwart warriors. Xiao Fa was only able to save Zhi-Hao, however, and they are the only 2 survivors of the incident.
  • Tokai Takanata (Charles): Xiao Fa met Takanata when he delivered Song Min Feng to him as his new ward, along with a note from her step mother. They are nodding acquaintances in the court (Xiao Fa is there regularly studying under Master Kwan), but Xiao Fa seems cowed by Takanata, and tries not to draw his attention.
  • Yoshi (Chris): Xiao Fa and Yoshi have had several conversations on the nature of redemption since Xiao Fa arrived in the Butterfly Kingdom a year or so ago. They are probably friendly acquaintances.
  • Song Min Feng (Kate): Xiao Fa escorted Min Feng to the Butterfly Kingdom. Though much older than she is, he still considers her a close friend.
  • Master Zhou (Tom) - Met at Iron Mountain some time ago.


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