Xiao Fa Skill Notes

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Notes for skills either bought or considered by Xiao Fa.


What to Buy Next

  • Military Strategy

Guided Meditation

This skill is usually rolled with Charisma, and is used to help others enter a meditative state.

Chi Mastery

Spirit combat for The Glow will work off of Chi Mastery.

5-pt Chi Mastery: I could possibly study and figure out the connections involved and then be able to apply 5 point chi-mastery to helping counter the palm in addition to kung fu, but for that to work, I need to drop my major chi-diagnosis powers down on some people who are already afflicted.


  • Anto

Domestic Skills

Scullery, like other niche skills with no obvious usefulness, is 1 point (this can generalize to Ironing skill or Dusting skill. Grooming is already x1.)

Skills in "domestic servant" or "manservant", it would be good to have verb-ish names rather than noun-ish name, but are probably 2 points. Housekeeping has been okayed for "domestic servant".

Servanting (broad) would be 3, and the mad Jelom version (Servanting extra-extra-broad) is 5.

Athletics vs. Outdoorsman

Both Athletics and Outdoorsman would be usable on Hiking and Swimming, and would include climbing cliffs and trees and things that might plausibly be found in the outside. Athletics also includes Running (i.e. basic movement), and climbing things that are nothing at all like the outdoors; Outdoorsman also includes making shelters and starting a fire and such.

Speed Drinking

2 points a level, probably useful for calling Old Hop.

Well Traveled

Well Travelled is more like AK:Everywhere than KS:Everywhere. KS:12 Kingdoms will include a little more history than Well Travelled does, but Well Travelled will have a lot more detail about where it's rude to tip, and whose monasteries are in the next town. Law is more specific, though Well Travelled will probably include some of the basics.


How much extra could I get for more broadening? Would another point of breadth get me reasonable subcultures (things one is generally likely to be exposed to such as Tongs/Underworld/Country-specific etiquette, but not secret or super-esoteric organizations (like Song of the Phoenix or the Shadow's organization) and another again point of breadth get me etiquette of supernatural creatures?

This sounds reasonable; the broad versions probably won't cover things that you have had no interaction at all with (natives of the country across the water to the east; secret demon squilging leagues, ice wyrm courtship wriggles), or members-only quasi-etiquette like "what is the code word to get into this safehouse", but would cover moderately well things that you've interacted with at all (spirits, demons, talking fish, Great Cycle spirits, Northern necromancers, Southern gods, etc).