Yanyu's To Do List

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Operation Son of the Moon: We need to have a courtship. This could be complicated by the fact that the last the party knew Stupid Li the Stupid Wanderer and Tai Lung were in the Roof of the World. Stupid Stupid-pamts amd I are clearly in open conflict now, and while I suspect those two have other things to do I'm pretty clear that I probably can't survive being hit Tai Lung. Also, this needs to wait until the circus is in range, even with spiffy horse shoes I can't get there from here.

Favors for Phoenix: According to my vision in the Golden Spire the party needs to be owed a favor by each contry leader in order to get Dragon back in the cycle. There is also some mysterious check-list thing associated with this that I don't entirely understand.

Imperial Consort: The Imperial Consort is part of the becone Emperor mechanic, so it would be good to have some clue as to who this person might be.

Awaiting Further Developments

  • Ancestor Shrine Message (I have the guy's name, but it is too dangerous to go to the Dragon's Throne right now)

Watch List

This is for the stuff that isn't active, but that isn't done either

  • Make things up to Mr. Whetstone
  • Lord Yu: they guy needs help

Other Stuff

  • Meddle Constructively
  • Talk to Captain Xie
  • Gift delivery
  • Research what is up with Dogs married to Spiders in the Qin Chao Steppes. Squint at many people
  • Talk to named circus NPCs