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Having achieved the highest rank of any from his school, Master Long Shen left the Savanna of Tears, where he lived his entire life, to travel the world in search of deeper Kung Fu.

Having scaled the heights of Iron Mountain and survived on the Roof of the World with no shelter, he returned to the lowlands disappointed that he had learned nothing new. He had no hopes for finding anything in the Butterfly Kingdom, but it was a place he had not looked, and a caravan offered to pay for his passage in exchange for his protection.

Thus, he was greatly surprised, for while guarding a piece being presented to the Court of Distinction he received the enlightenment he had sought.

Inspired by the beauty of Ti Wren and her silken gown, Master Long created the style of Yellow Silk Kung Fu. He founded a school to teach his new art, and dedicated himself to the service of the Butterfly Court.

He will teach any who ask, but insists on mastery of lower level techniques before advancing on to higher lessons. He also insists that students of the Yellow Silk school wear their silken sashes proudly, and act righteously, for the honor of the Court of Distinction.


Yellow Silk Kung Fu

These are the techniques Master Long is known to teach. It is rumored there are others, but as yet, he has not found a worthy student.

Level 1 shticks:

  • Silken Sash: A yellow silk student is *never* without his silken sash. Unless intentionally stripped naked and searched, he can often pull some yellow silk from a pocket or a bag. Freq 4, Power 1
  • Yellow Silk Student: Reputation - The distinctive sash is known far and wide, marking a student as a disciple of Master Long. Freq 6 Power 1
  • Yellow Silk Brotherhood: Master Long insists that students of the Yellow Silk School stand for each other. As long as it is not completely unreasonable (locked in the bottom of an unknown cave), a Yellow Silk Student can summon others of his school to his aid in a time of great need. Freq 1 Power 6
  • Silken Distraction: The flowing silks of a Yellow Silk student distract the eye, and make it difficult to know where to strike. (+1 Die when dodging melee attacks.) Freq 6, Power 1
  • Silken Parry: The flowing silks of a Yellow Silk student distract the eye, and make it difficult to know where to shoot. (+1 Die when dodging ranged attacks.) Freq 6, Power 1

Level 2 shticks:

  • Blade Entangling: Once per combat, an Adept of the Yellow Silk school can trap the weapon of an enemy in his flowing silks and cast it away. (Automatic[1] Disarm) Freq 3, Power 4
  • Silken Road: By throwing one end of his silk towards his goal, the Yellow Silk Adept can run up the road of silk over air, water, or other obstacles to reach his goal. Freq 3, Power 3
  • Silk Glove, Iron Fist: Flowing silks can hide a deadly strike. Adepts of the Yellow Silk school may add their Yang stat to the damage they do in melee once a turn. Freq 4, Power 3
  • Sight Through Silk: Tying a silken cloth about their eyes, a Yellow Silk adept becomes blind to mundane concerns, but may roll his Chi dice to see all enemies, invisible, covered, or otherwise unseen. Freq 3, Power 3

Level 3 shticks:

  • Storm of Silks: Confusing his enemy with a flurry of silks that disguise his attack, the Yellow Silk Adept may make an attack which cannot be dodged. Freq 3, Power 6
  • Silken Blade: The Adept may spend one of his Yang dice[2] to turn his silken sash into a x5 blade for one round. Freq 3, Power 6 - Usable once every round, but spending a Yang to activate it makes it cost one frequency class lower.
  • Silken Shield: The flowing silks of an Adept make it very difficult to target him from afar. At any time, the Adept may spend one Yin die to take half damage from a ranged attack. Freq 4, Power 4 - Usable every phase (Freq 5), but the "spend a Yin die" requirement makes it cost one frequency class lower.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Yield Like Silk: A Yellow Silk adept is difficult to hit up close. He has an entire extra pool of Dex dice to use for dodging a melee attack every turn. Freq 4, Power 5
  • Silken Shroud: Once a run, the Yellow Adept may completely wrap someone in silks, healing them his Yin successes *12 over the course of an hour. Freq 2, Power 10; Note that a *12 mystic healing shtick should cost Power 12, but this takes a full hour to complete, so costs only Power 10.

Level 5 shticks:

  • Prison of Yellow Silk: Once per combat, the Master of Yellow Silk can wrap an opponent in silks from which he can not escape. He may not be harmed by his enemies, but neither can he do anything else until released. Freq 3, Power 10

  1. A shtick that "automatically" does something may still be countered by another shtick; in this case a shtick such as "my sword cannot be taken from me" would turn it into a contest of dice
  2. dice spent in this way simply lower the stat until the end of the run