Yoshi and the Yumekui

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by Sung Lijuan

Once upon a time there was a man named Yoshi. He had a friend named Lijuan, and they went on adventures together.

One day Yoshi met two boys on the Imperial Highway looking for help. They took Yoshi to their home and showed him that their parents were all changed. Instead of scolding them when they were bad and hugging them when they were good, the parents just did things and didn't care.

Yoshi figured out that a a bad guy yumekui was making people not care. Then he asked Lijuan for help, and she tracked the yumekui to where it came from.

Then Yoshi said to the yumekui that it's bad to take things that don't belong to you and it should leave the parents alone. But the yumekui said it wouldn't stop. So Yoshi said they should have a riddle contest and if he wins the yumekui has to be good and not take things that don't belong to it.

So the yumekui asked Yoshi: "What time is it when a Fox is in your henhouse?"

And Yoshi says "Time to buy some new hens!"

And the yumekui was very angry and scary but Yoshi wasn't afraid. Then Yoshi said "How do you know when a Bear has been in your ice chest?"

And the yumekui thought and thought and thought and finally said "Because it ate the fish."

But Yoshi said "no, by the paw prints in the butter!"

And the yumekui was very angry and asked "Why do monkeys wear red earrings?"

But Yoshi still wasn't afraid and said "So they can hide in berry bushes."

Then Yoshi said "What do you call a Crane in a bonfire?" and the yumekui was happy and said "a phoenix!" and Yoshi had to say the yumekui was right.

Then the yumekui said "Why did the Tortoise cross the street?" and Yoshi said "To think about the Dog" and the yumekui was angry again.

And Yoshi said "Who has more stripes, the Tiger or the Serpent?" and the yumekui knew "The Serpent will never tell."

And then Yoshi said "What do you get when you cross a Magpie with a Butterfly?" and the yumekui said "a magfly?" and Yoshi said "no, a butterscotch pie!" and the yumekui got even madder.

So it thought and thought and thought until it came up with a really hard riddle and asked "What's the difference between a Spider?" But Yoshi is really really smart and he knows a lot of riddles and stuff so he knew the answer was "A pumpkin, because a raft has no sails." The yumekui thought it was "an orange because a vest has no sleeves" but it was wrong.

So then Yoshi won the riddle contest and the yumekui had to be nice and Yoshi named it Kibo and now they go on adventures together. And sometimes I see Kibo in my dreams!

The End