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Sakong Yue is Shen-Ji's wife. She is a few years younger than her husband and is the oldest child of her generation in the family, thus making her family heir.

She and Shen-Ji were introduced by Qin Yanyu as a suitable match and were married in Book Six, in the Cave_of_Wonders run, day of the Early Phoenix in the Month of the Serpent in the two hundred and fifty-ninth Year of the Magpie.

Yue is interested in literature and history and was given a Patronage for the Exalted Library as a wedding gift by several party members.

Her I Ching was read during the Cave_of_Wonders run as: It reads:

A large part of who she is is her House. The marriage will bring her house much trouble, even as it saves it. And personally, it is similar; her life will be both enriched and complicated and damaged by Shen-Ji. Whether or not Shen-Ji descends into darkness and madness and power, or diminishes and remains himself, depends on his choice but her nature.

(Xian gave her an edited version that paraphrases the ominous parts to sound rather less ominous.)

The rest of the Sakong family is listed in Sakong_family_members.