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Commander Sun Jianjun, of the Illuminated Precincts Dragon Army Garrison, appears to be in charge of the investigation of Southron rituals that involve kidnapping Hiro and Hana. (Note: In the pre-run, the initial kidnapping of Hana was reported to the authorities; so while details of the whole thing may be secret, the existence of the plot is not.) I think Cai Wen has managed to get on his good side, by clearing up some things which I don't think we can keep secret anyway. Commander Sun doesn't have a lot of patience with dropping hints and fooling around.

Commander Sun is very unclear on why the blockade was not an invasion. An invasion should have been easier in some sense, as you just land your guys and they resupply on the Butterfly Isle, rather than having to resupply their ships in ports on the mainland.

The soldiers/sailors down by the docks do seem to agree on the basics of the "why did we have a blockade" story: the Savanna (birthplace of the Mighty Dragon Army, hooray!) offered assistance to the Butterfly Kingdom with helping them arrange for a garrison (since they were obviously pretty inept about it, having totally failed so far), and were told to go jump in the lake, with additional insults and insinuations about both the Royal Clan and the Army. It does sound like a story that's gone through a couple of rounds of telephone to get to them, but none of the soldiers/sailors seem to doubt the basics, or think it was completely made up. Someone's friend's brother's wife serves the Royal Clan, and she says the King was *furious*.