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Broken Sword was sent to the dojo of Masters Fu, Kangjon, and Hwa in the Savanna of Tears. This may not work out in the long run, as he's a weapons guy, not a kung fu guy.

When Lucky Chang beat the Namgung Clan warband, he won a knife that makes the wielder lucky in battle.

After the hop-boats failed to sink the Dragon Army in Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Part II, it seemed that it wasn't clear whose side the Dragon Army would suddenly come in on as a result of the sinking; so we figured there must be some other element of the plan. Some asking around found that a group of (possibly fake) Dragon Army soldiers left a nearby inn right after the failure, and were overheard to comment "never mind, it's not going to happen now". We did turn up one piece of fabric with a rank insignia, like something you'd use in a topknot; the insignia was right, and the descriptions of the uniforms (from the inn staff) were plausible, but the quality of silk in the fabric was (per Wei Han) a bit higher grade than one expects in the Dragon Army. (So we speculate that these guys were the other half of the plan, and we could speculate even more wildly that they're from the Jade Taiga or the Hon'eth Arcade.)

Lucky Chang has a house near the Port of Auspicious Voyage. Scuttlebutt is that he's not there very often, and that his house is full of loot, but also well-trapped. As far as the locals know, he is not married, and he occasionally carries on with some of the more "friendly" Flower Houses.

One of the many people who were conned out of their life's savings by Lucky Chang is a woman named Boyuan Chashui in the Port of Propitious Voyage. She used to own a Tea House, but had to sell it after being run into debt by Lucky Chang. I hope to collect enough money to get her started again with a new Tea House, and recruit her as an ally.

The ninja clan that's after me is called the House of the Night Blade. Ayuki says that their master (in prison) is called Darkblade "or something pretentious like that". They have been hoping to get him out by capturing me and trading me for him; otherwise, if they pay enough fines and bribes (difficult, because nobody will hire them at the moment) they can probably get him out. The expected cost of that is around 50 li.